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The Virtue Of Slowing Down

The Virtue Of Slowing Down

August 09, 2023

Time is an interesting dimension. It is a fixed measurement, yet our perception of time varies greatly depending on what we are doing.

It has been said that the longest eight seconds in life is riding a bull. I never rode a bull and have no interest in testing that statement for myself. So, I will take it as fact. But even so, eight seconds is eight seconds – regardless of what we are doing.

It’s About Perception

Time seems to “fly” when we are engaged in a fun, exciting, or stimulating activity. And it appears to stand still when we are scared, anxious, or bored. In other words, the things we enjoy in life make it “go” quickly, while the things we dislike seem like they last for an eternity.

This means that when we are engaged in desirable activities, such as summer vacation with the family, it may be worthwhile to take a moment to slow down and reflect on the experience. This will allow us to relish the moments and the subsequent memories – which we can call upon during the more difficult times. 

Slowing Down & Investing

Slowing down can also help us make better financial decisions. Financial information comes at us quickly, and because it has to do with gains and losses, can cause us to become emotional. Responding immediately is a natural impulse and can feel great when we are emotional, but it is seldom beneficial…especially when it has to do with money. 

Slowing down empowers us to take a more mindful approach to the decision at hand. We are constantly bombarded by the news du jour, brash opinions, and impulses to respond quickly. How does one slow down? The first step is to commit to making more mindful, less emotional financial decisions. The next step is to contact me – I will help you through the process.  

One of the things I love most about being an advisor is helping investors ignore the noise and take a more deliberate and mindful approach to their decision-making. It not only improves decisions, it also improves the investor experience. I am here for you!

- Wes Sadler, CFP®

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